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Project FAQs

Why is the Backcountry Outdoor Center the best location in the Backcountry Wilderness Area to build buildings?

The Backcountry Outdoor Center is located just off Hwy 85 and is neighbors to the Law Enforcement Training Facility. Between the traffic to the Law Enforcement Center, Horse Corrals, Archery Ranges, and Base Camp, the property along Ron King Trail is already the hub of human activity in the Backcountry Wilderness Area. Our main programs are already run out of these locations which will create very little dissonance for guests as they’ll still attend programs in the same places. 

This project allows the Backcountry Wilderness Area to offer an elevated experience with added safety measures. Also, there are no impacts to Highlands Ranch homeowners such as an increase in traffic through certain neighborhoods, as there would be in other possible locations. Another important part of choosing this location is water, electric and fiber systems are all close by and therefore much less expensive to add than in a location where the utilities are not pre-existing. There is also an existing access road (Ron King Trail) again saving large sums of money by not having to put another road in another location. 

Last, and most important is the impact to the habitat and wildlife would be the smallest in this area than any other area that could possibly host these buildings.Due to the high volume of existing traffic and humans already in the specific area, there will be very little change in that regard.