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Project FAQs

What are the top concerns with the existing Backcountry Outdoor Center?

The main concern with the existing Backcountry Outdoor Center is that there is not a storm/emergency shelter on-site that is owned by the Highlands Ranch Community Association. The ability to hold Camp Backcountry at Base Camp is currently contingent on an agreement with the Law Enforcement Training Facility. Currently, campers and staff must walk/be driven from Base Camp and the Horse Corrals to a classroom on the Law Enforcement Training Facility campus. The staff graciously allows us to use a classroom on-site as an emergency storm shelter. If they decide that 130 kids (the maximum capacity), or the traffic line of parents picking their children, becomes more of a hassle than it's worth, they can opt not to allow us to use the space anymore. That would conflict with our camp license and Camp Backcountry wouldn't exist as it does today ... a major loss including $700,000 in annual revenue. This can be avoided, and provide a much more convenient shelter space.

Additionally, the growth of Backcountry Wilderness Area programs—and the staff dedicated to running them—has grown and developed to the point where more space and resources are required to be the amenity that the community deserves. The completion of adding indoor learning and on-site office spaces is critical.