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Project FAQs

Why do we need buildings in the Backcountry?

Currently our Horse Corrals, Archery Range, and Base Camp host tens of thousands of customers each year and produce over $800,000 in revenue. The mission of the various programs and activities that we offer to the community is to allow our community to get outdoors in a wide variety of ways and to learn to appreciate what the Backcountry is and the importance of protecting it.

Two of our most important programs are Camp Backcountry and Horse Camp which host more than 1,300 kids each summer and produce over $600,000 in revenue.

Camp Backcountry and Horse Camp are both State-Licensed Child Care programs. Our state license, and the revenue associated with it, require a building for an emergency shelter. Currently, we have an agreement with the adjacent Law Enforcement Training Facility (LETF) to use two of their classrooms as our emergency shelter.