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Coached Swimming – Youth FAQs

Coached Swimming Questions Answered

How can I help my swimmer succeed?

  • Don’t wait if you have questions, or concerns regarding your swimmer’s program. The easiest solutions happen when issues are addressed immediately.
  • Talk with the Coach or call 303-471-8842 or email. [email protected].
  • Have your swimmer practice. The more practice, outside of the program times, the faster the skills become second nature.
  • Review the report card received at the end of each session. It will tell you the appropriate skill level to enroll for the next session and summarize the skills successfully completed and which skills require additional practice.

More Youth Coached Swimming Information

Need Help or Have Questions?
Check out the Coached Summer Swimming FAQs page.

Contact: Aquatics Coordinator Kerri McGrath at [email protected] or 303-471-8942.