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Coached Swim Clinics (Ages 6-18 & Adult)

Clinics are offered for both youth and adults. In these smaller clinics specific areas will be targeted such as starts & turns, specific strokes or techniques. Each swimmer will have the opportunity to receive analysis and coaching to help make adjustments and to give them the tools to continue to improve their stroke, endurance and speed.

Youth Swim Clinics (Ages 6-18)

Starts & Turns 
For swimmers who need some extra help with diving from the block, freestyle and backstroke flip turns, and open turns/transitions.

Stroke Improvement
Individual clinics will be focused on specific which will be broken down to their core elements to help swimmers master the strokes to the point they have legal strokes. Each swimmer's strokes will be analyzed to make sure they know where they need to make adjustments and to give them the tools to continue to improve their strokes 

Under H2O Camera 
At the start of this clinic, the underwater camera will be used to shoot footage of each swimmer’s stroke. At the end of the clinic, a second video will be done to provide a before/after comparison to enable swimmers to see the improvement in their strokes. Each swimmer will leave with a flash drive of their footage.

Adult Swim Clinics (Ages 18 & Older)

Masters Sprint 
This clinic provide coaching assistance for adult swimmers on how to swim fast by training the muscles groups how to sprint at a specific stroke. The clinic will also teach drills and techniques specifically geared towards sprinting, as well as give swimmers a mental preparation for racing. This program can be for both triathletes or masters swimmers who are looking for a competitive edge.

For more info about swim clinics please call 303-471-8942 or email for more information.

Scout & Camp Testing

Does your camper or Scout Troop need to test for water skills or badge requirements?
Call 303-471-8808 or email for more information and to schedule a time.

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