HRCA works exclusively with Highlands Ranch Hapkido, led by Sensei Shelly Gruber. Sensei Shelly has been practicing American Hapkido karate for over 25 years. Hapkido is a traditional Martial Art which originated from Korea that consists of takedowns, combat techniques, joint locking, punching, kicking, striking, and Hapkido weapons while building confidence, strength, and power. Hapkido is a defensive martial art and is primarily made for combat that teaches you how to use your attacker’s energy or power against them. Hapkido trains the mind through  discipline, coordination, and consistency. Students will develop confidence through peace of mind and knowing how to defend themselves. Hapkido conditions and strengthens your body while having fun and improving your overall health. 

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Age: 14+
Location: Northridge Rec Center, Martial Arts Studio

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Questions? Contact: Lisa Sheley at email or call 303-471-8838.