Youth Tennis

The HRCA has tennis programs, for children ages 4-18, are are designed to be fun and instructional. The classes are divided into six skill levels to help develop young tennis players. A child may spend as much time as necessary at each level and should not be pressured to move from one level to the next.

Children will develop at different rates according to many different factors such as age, amount of individual practice time, and athletic ability. Skill tests are used only to assist students in determining when they might need new challenges that could be better met in another skill level. Skill tests are one of many tools that are used by our teaching staff, the final determination of what level a student should play at will be made by the teaching professional.

  Youth Level (tennis skills) Definitions

Level 5 & 6 (advanced)

All Level 5 & 6 programs require professional approval.

Hot Shots Lessons (Ages 4 – 5)

Hot Shots are fun classes that develop the motor and listening skills that small children will need to play sports. Play is on the 36-foot court, with age appropriate balls.

Future Stars Lessons (Ages 6 - 7)

Children will have fun while developing eye-hand coordination, and learning basic tennis skills. Age appropriate games help develop motor and listening skills and enhance self-esteem. Play is on the 36-foot court, with age appropriate balls.

Player Development – Level 4 (Ages 12-18)

For players, who have played USA Junior Team Tennis, CARA Tennis, High School Junior Varsity, completed Level # 3 and/or been approved by the teaching staff.

Player Development – Level 5 (Ages 12-18)

For players, that are currently on their high school varsity team. These players have had success playing Satellite Tournaments or have been SSV tested and approved by the Head Teaching Professional.

Group Lessons

Children's group lessons are fun and instructional. Tennis fundamentals are taught. Please refer to the Level Definitions when trying to place your student in a class. If you don’t know, talk to a teaching staff member, Tennis Specialist, or Tennis Team Leader.

  • Youth Lesson (ages 8-10) - Levels 1 - 3
  • Middle School (ages 11-13) - Levels 1 - 3
  • High School Lessons (ages 14-17) - Levels 1 - 3

TRI Tennis Camp at Northridge (ages 7 - 13)

This three-day entry-level camp is Tuesday - Thursday, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m., twice a month. The camp helps improve and refine existing tennis skills and includes swimming. Bring a tennis racket, tennis shoes, water bottle, snack, swimsuit and towel. Beginning/Intermediate. Northridge, Tennis Pavilion, Court 1

Morning Junior Tennis Camp (ages 7 - 13)

This is a five-day entry-level camp. Camp includes swimming. Bring a tennis racket, tennis shoes, water bottle, snack, swimsuit and towel. Beginning/Intermediate/

Youth Leagues

USTA Junior Team Tennis Teams will practice twice a week with matches on Monday mornings. Intermediate.

Junior Showdown Tournament

Competition is in boys and girls age groups; 10 & under, 14 & under, and 18 & under. The Annual HRCA Junior Showdown is a USTA sanctioned junior satellite tournament.

Junior Challenger Rally

Competition is in boys and girls age groups; 12 & under and 16 & under. 

  Youth Tennis Classes

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