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Youth Basketball
  Season - Girl's: October - December  |  Boy's: January - March

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Adult Basketball 

Adult Basketball League

The adult basketball program offers several types of leagues and tournaments that accommodate all levels of ability throughout the year. Leagues and tournaments are offered at the Eastridge Recreation Center. Registration is accepted on a team basis only. For league schedules and standings, explore the navigation links at the bottom of the page.

Schedules / Standings

Girls Youth Basketball:

Youth Girls Basketball Program will run between the months of October – December.

Boys Youth Basketball:

Youth Boys Basketball Program will run between the months of January – March.

League Offerings (All leagues will feature regular season play followed by postseason play).

  • Youth Basketball Futures League (Grades 1-2) - This non-scorekeeping league emphasizes skill development, teamwork, sportsmanship, and fun.
  • Youth Basketball Recreational League (Grades 3-8) - For beginner to intermediate players.
  • Youth Basketball Competitive League (Grades 3-8) - For advanced level players. Offered for Youth Boys Basketball Program only.

Team Registration Information

Complete team fee and individual waivers for each team member must be turned in all at once. Teams must have a minimum of eight players on a team. The HRCA will not add players to teams that register as a team. A team registration form must also be completed and turned in - Team Registration Form

Individual Registration Information

Only free agents need to sign up individually. You must register for the age group the player belongs to, or one age group higher. Participants cannot play in a lower age group.


Based upon the coach’s request and can be held Sunday-Friday.


For league schedules and standings, explore the navigation links to your right.

If you have registration questions or need further information, please call 303-471-8869 or email.

Schedules / Standings

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