Oaked & Smoked Vendor Application

Oaked and Smoked: Saturday, July 9, 4:00  -  7:00 p.m.
Recreation Center at Eastridge, 9568 University Blvd., Highlands Ranch, CO 80126, on the back lawn/parking lot.

Oaked & Smoked ~ American Whiskey and BBQ is your chance to introduce your BBQ specialties to our community at this popular event featuring American Whiskeys provided by Davidsons Beer, Wine, & Spirits. Sumptuous cuisine from local BBQ restaurants is served and sold to participants. Each restaurant is paid $10 per ticket redeemed by patrons, and are allowed to to sell additional food throughout the day.

See public announcement for the Oaked & Smoked - American Whiskey and BBQ.

Oaked & Smoked Important Vendor Information

Registration Process & Deadline

Application Process:
Participants: As a restaurant, there is no cost to participate. Each BBQ restaurant will be paid $10 per ticket redeemed by patrons. Every participant will have a wristband with a pull off tab that is good for their choice of one full plate of BBQ food. We ask that the plate of food you provide is a full plate that would have a choice of meat and sides. Come showcase your sumptuous cuisine and show off your amazing restaurant at Oaked and Smoked! 

This is an event strictly for food and beverage vendors; no non-food or beverage vendors (i.e. chiropractors, window companies, boutiques, etc.) are allowed at this event. All applications are subject to a review and selection process. We ask that you are a BBQ restaurant if you wish to apply. 

Complete and submit the below online application form to be considered as BBQ vendor at Highlands Ranch Oaked and Smoked - American Whisky and BBQ. All applications are subject to a review and selection process.

Please register by July 9th at 10:00 a.m.

Booth Information

Set-up Time: Set up time is from 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. Please be ready to serve at 3:45 p.m.!

Unloading & Parking:
Parking is extremely limited at the recreation center. Please unload your car, move it to the designated area and come back to set up your booth. This will allow visitors to have parking space. The best area to park your vehicle will be in the pool parking lot.

If you have a food truck, you are welcome to serve out of that. Please note on your application the size of your truck so we can make sure there is enough room. If you wish to serve out of a 10 x 10 tent, you are welcome to bring a branded tent or the HRCA can provide one for you. The HRCA will provide two 6' x 2.5' tables, two chairs, and a cloth tablecloth. If you need additional tables, chairs or tablecloths please note this on your application. You will need to supply your own extension cords, plates, napkins, silverware, signage, tape, staff, etc., and anything necessary to serve and eat your food! If you are bringing your own tent or tablecloth, please let us know.

For safety reasons if you decide to put up a 10 x 10 tent at the event, it is required that your tent be secured with appropriate weights (a minimum of 25 lbs) on each of the four corners. Any tent not properly weighted and secured will be required to be taken down. No exceptions. This is a significant safety issue as Highlands Ranch often experiences gusty winds. It is required that your tent be secured. Please do not simply rest weights on the feet of tent legs. HRCA will be checking to ensure that weights are being used. You will be held responsible for any damage your tent may cause. HRCA will not be held responsible for damage caused by your tent.

If you do not have the correct weights, we can provide them to you (while supplies last). Please note this in your application if you will need to borrow weights.

Breakdown Times:
You may begin breaking down your booth at 7:00 p.m. when the event ends.

Miscellaneous Information

No Smoking:
All HRCA facilities are non-smoking environments. Please do not smoke on the premises, this includes the outdoor event space.

HRCA’s Marketing efforts include advertisements in the HRCA Activity Guide, HRCA Newsletters, and on the HRCA web site. Posters and flyers are posted in each of our four HRCA recreation centers and on community boards across Highlands Ranch. Signs are placed at strategic locations throughout Highlands Ranch, and the event is posted on many online calendars.

Please plan your staff accordingly to be able to load in and out of the event. An attempt will be made to provide volunteers to help with loading and unloading, however there is no guarantee. Neither HRCA nor the volunteers will be held responsible for damaged items. 

Due to the fact that weather in Colorado changes so quickly, the decision and announcement to cancel an event is made as soon as possible before the event is scheduled to begin. If the HRCA cancels due to severe weather, the HRCA will make every attempt to contact you and will refund all booth fees. Applicant is responsible for checking the Event weather line: 303-471-8888. 

Contact Us

Event Manager: Libby Galligan
Email (for quickest response): [email protected]
Phone: 303-471-8809

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