Classic Car Show Vendor Application

Saturday, July 25, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. 
Cherry Hills Community Church: 3900 Grace Blvd., Highlands Ranch 80129

Classic Car Show Important Vendor Information

Registration Process & Deadline

Application Process:This event this event opportunity is open to current HRCA Community Partners ONLY. Complete and submit the below application to be considered as a vendor at the Highlands Ranch Classic Car Show. All applications are subject to a review and selection process. Applications due Wednesday, July 22, 10:00 a.m. 

Booth Information

Booth Fee: This event is included in the Community Partner agreement. No outside vendors will be permitted at this event.

Tables & Chairs: You must provide your own tables and chairs at this event.

You will need to bring all of the supplies for your booth, which may include tables, chairs, tent, and miscellaneous equipment. No tents will be provided by HRCA.

For safety reasons if you decide to put up a 10 x 10 tent at the event, it is required that your tent be secured with appropriate weights (a minimum of 25 lbs) on each of the four corners. Any tent not properly weighted and secured will be required to be taken down. No exceptions. This is a significant safety issue as Highlands Ranch often experiences gusty winds. It is required that your tent be secured. Please do not simply rest weights on the feet of tent legs. HRCA will be checking to ensure that weights are being used. You will be held responsible for any damage your tent may cause. HRCA will not be held responsible for damage caused by your tent.

Miscellaneous Information

HRCA's Marketing efforts include advertisements in the HRCA Activity Guide, HRCA Newsletters, and on the HRCA web site. Posters and flyers are posted in each of our four HRCA recreation centers and on community boards across Highlands Ranch. Signs are placed at strategic locations throughout Highlands Ranch, and the event is posted on many online calendars.

Please plan your staff accordingly to be able to load in and out of the event. An attempt will be made to provide volunteers to help with loading and unloading, however there is no guarantee. Neither HRCA nor the volunteers will be held responsible for damaged items.

Due to the fact that weather in Colorado changes so quickly, the decision and announcement to cancel an event is made as soon as possible before the event is scheduled to begin. If the HRCA cancels due to severe weather, the HRCA will make every attempt to contact you and will refund all booth fees. Applicant is responsible for checking the Event weather line: 303-471-8888. If the exhibitor cancels because of severe weather or any other reason, absolutely no refunds are given.

Contact Us

Event Manager: Amanda Arnce
Email (for quickest response): [email protected]
Phone: 303-471-8870

Classic Car Show Community Partner Application

We are working diligently to provide a clean, safe environment for you, but with all things related to COVID-19 there is inherent risk. It is up to you to choose to use the HRCA amenities, knowing that you assume risk when gathering with other people and visiting other facilities.