July 4th Celebration FAQs

The Celebration will return to Highland Heritage Regional Park! The celebration will start at 4:00 p.m. at Highland Heritage Regional Park concluding with the fireworks show at 9:30 p.m.

Why was Highland Heritage Regional Park chosen as the new location?

The HRCA partnered with many local agencies, our fireworks vendor, and Littleton Fire to discuss our options for a new fireworks location. 

Town Center had a large fallout area for the fireworks show, but no nearby viewing areas for crowds. This show included large shells that were launched higher in the air to be visible from many areas around Town Center. While the show was visible from a wide viewing area it lacked the intensity many enjoy from a low level show.

We looked at many areas around Highlands Ranch to launch a fireworks show. However, any area large enough to launch the show still had a smaller fallout area. Since we are working with a smaller fallout area we cannot launch the larger shells that are visible from great distances.

We had to choose a location that had the area not only for a show with a safe fallout area, but with visibility to the guests who come to watch the show. Highland Heritage Park was the only location that would support hosting the fireworks show and guests could come to the launch area to actually see the show.

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