Camp HRCA at Westridge

Camp HRCA will be operating at Eastridge (Ages 3-10) with a possibility of Westridge (Ages 3-8) based on staffing availability.

COVID Safety: We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 information as well as work with the State to create a safe, fun, and healthy summer camp for your children. Additional activities will be added as COVID protocols allow. 

Key Camp HRCA Westridge Information

  • Ages: 3 - 12
  • Season: Summer Camp, June 1 - August 6
  • Days: Monday - Friday 
  • Time:  7:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. 
  • Location: Eastridge
  • On-site Program Day: $47
  • Field Trip Program Day: $57; Falcons on Thursdays  |  Hawks on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday*
  • Required Camp HRCA Paperwork

‚Äč*2021 Field Trips: With school districts closed for the summer, our field trip transportation options are not available, also there are also issues ensuring state required protocols are followed at the various field trip locations. Therefore, unfortunately, this summer we will not be taking any off-site field trips. We know this is disappointing news for some, but we are working hard to bring special activities and presentations to our facilities for the children to participate in at our summer camps!

Weekly Camp HRCA Information

Happy Camper Week

May 31 - June 3


Our summer adventure begins with this camping-themed week. We all know that on the first day of camp, nerves, shy giggles, and awkward body language are in no short supply. That’s why we’ve come up with some icebreakers, games, and art to turn awkward into ease. Campers will have fun while making s’more friends and the older kids will take a trip to Red Robin to get some lunch and get to know each other! 

To Infinity and Beyond

June 6 - 10


Join us this week to explore the world of space! We’ll learn about planets, the sun and the moon and the older kids will take our own adventure to the Gates Planetarium! 

Blowing off STEAM

June 13 - 17


Calling all engineers, mathematicians, friends with a green thumb and more. Come enjoy a week of building, experimenting, predicting, and challenging that wonderful brain of yours. Older kids will get to go to the Museum of Nature and Science, and you’ll find out just how smart you are.

Fur, Feelers and Feathers!

June 20- 24


Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? Do you know what animals leave what kind of tracks? Let’s learn how animals are important and how they help us in our daily lives. Older kids will get to take a trip to the Zoo, and we’ll be sure to have some visitors here at the Recreation Center for everyone to enjoy!

All American

June 27 - July 1


Camper will be celebrating our country while focusing on Independence Day. We will make “firework” art, tie-dye and close the week with a good old-fashioned BBQ.

Splish Splash

July 5 - 8


Oh no – we’ve been stranded on a desert island! We will discover that there is buried TREASURE, coconuts, and an amazing jungle to explore. We will be playing lots of island-themed games during this week and older kids will get the chance to visit a water park too! 

Amazing Race! 

July 11 - 15


This week we will race around the world! We’ll have fun challenges, exciting projects, and fun bounce house races for everyone! The older kids will take an adventure to Xtreme Challenge and race their way to the end of the week! 

Color Wars Week

July 18 - 22


Bring your creativity along for a full week of art! We’ll paint, draw, and use our imaginations to create our own masterpieces. Older kids will get the chance to visit the Art Museum and we’ll have some epic color war games back here at camp!

Music Palooza

July 25 - 29


This week will be music to your ears! We’ll explore different instruments, distinct types of bands and several types of music! The older kids will get to take a special trip to a theater, and everyone will enjoy a special performance back here at the Recreation Center!

Adventure Land

August 1 - 5


This week will leave your hair standing on end! With fun obstacle courses, bounce houses, and activities, we’ll have you wiped out by the end of the day! Older kids will get to visit Boondocks for some hair-raising fun!  

Camp HRCA at Westridge Information

Refunds/transfer policy: A request for a refund or transfer must be submitted by email by 9:00 a.m. on the Monday the week prior to the requested date.
Email requests to: [email protected]

Questions? Contact Angela Munger: email 303-471-8928. 

Camp HRCA Phone Numbers
  • Office: 720-348-8213
  • Falcon Cell: 720-300-2700
  • Hawks Cell: 720-226-1708