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Wild Roots FAQs

If we want our children to move mountains,
we first have to let them out of their chairs.

- Nicolette Sowder


What clothing will my child need to wear or bring each day?

There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. -Alfred Wainwright

Appropriate clothing that keeps children protected from the elements is critical to their comfort and well-being. Clothing needs will vary based on the season, but generally, they will need: 

  • Rain pants/rain suit or snow pants/snowsuit 
  • Outer jacket: rain jacket or snow jacket 
  • Fleece jacket 
  • Waterproof boots or comfortable sneakers 
  • Waterproof mittens 
  • Sun hat or winter hat 
  • Multiple layer options
  • A full extra change of clothing inside a zippered wet bag (In case of an accident—toilet or weather related—we will put the dirty or wet clothing into the zippered wet bag)

See our full packing list here.