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Scout Programs

Build confidence, leadership, and outdoor skills in the Backcountry! The Backcountry Wilderness Area provides close-to-home opportunities for exploration, observation, and creation in the natural world. Our Scout programs are tailored to meet the activity and badge requirements for troops. 

Along with Scout Programs, we are now offering property rentals for your weekly meetings, ceremonies, end-of-year parties, and more! Property Rental Information

Key Scout Programs Information

  • Cost:
    Program Cost/Scout Minimum Cost
    Nature Programs (90 minutes) $15 $120
    Horseback Programs (120 minutes) $40 $240
  • Capacity: For effective teaching, we limit Nature scout programs to 20 scouts per program, and Horseback scout programs to 12 scouts per program. We encourage troops to contact other troops in the area to partner together on these programs.
  • What to Wear: Closed-toe shoes are required for all participants. Scout programs typically run rain, snow, or shine, so be sure to dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Location: All of our scout programs begin at Backcountry Base Camp or Horse Corrals: 6005 Ron King Trail, Littleton, 80125.Map & Directions
  • Late Arrivals: Please inform us if you are running late to your program. Should your group arrive late, the program will still end at the scheduled time.
  • Payment: The minimum cost listed above is required upon reservation. The final payment and headcount are due 14 days before the program date.
  • Cancellation/Transfer Policy:
    More than 7 days in advance: We will issue a refund minus a $25 cancellation fee for cancellations. Programs may be rescheduled at no cost, subject to availability.
    Fewer than 7 days in advance: No transfers or cancellations.

Girl Scouts


Animal Habitats
We’ll start earning the Animal Habitat badge by learning about the different components of a habitat and brainstorming how various Colorado animals have different needs. After a fun game to demonstrate animals’ interactions with their habitats, we’ll go on a habitat hike to explore both natural and man-made habitats in the Backcountry.

Eco Camper
Through our Eco Camper program, scouts will learn the Leave No Trace principles, learn how to set up a minimal impact campsite, plan a camping trip with the environment in mind, and take a short hike. This program has goofy games and skills practice to make learning how to be an Eco Camper a lot of fun!

What do airport runways and flowers have in common? Come learn about why flowers are so important and some of the stories we can learn from them as we dissect flowers to learn more about them! We’ll explore the parts of a flower up close and learn about their functions.

Outdoor Art Explorer
We will start our Outdoor Art Explorer journey by looking for art in nature in new ways. Armed with magnifying glasses and collection jars, we will look for natural inspiration from the flora and fauna in the Backcountry before creating our own art projects using our collected materials.

Horseback Riding Our professional riding instructors will teach the scouts about basic horse safety, care, and health in a fun and hands-on learning environment. This will be followed by a ride in the arena to learn introductory horseback riding skills.
*This is a 120 minute program.

Scouts BSA

Upcoming Scout Programs

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More Scout Program Information

Horse Programs: Abby DeGroot at [email protected].
Nature Programs: Ellen Dolph at [email protected].