Required Paperwork and Registration

Step to Register:

  1. Receive Director approval and placement
  2. Visit, call our registration desk at 3030-791-2500, or go online
  3. Choose dates and location 
  4. Pay in full for requested dates

To request a refund please adhere to the refund policy and email at Eastridge or at Westridge.

Required Paperwork:

Per the Department of Human Services, all enrollment paperwork MUST be turned into Preschool by the day that your child first attends, along with any additional medical forms.

Preschool Application - coming soon
Preschool Handbook 

Medication Policy:
No child will be allowed to attend without a medical health care plan, for a child that requires medication during program hours. This health care plan must be signed by a physician. Medications are kept in a secured medication box and are only administered by a certified medication administrator designated by our nurse consultant in compliance with the nurse practice act.

Medical Forms (based on need):
Allergy and Anaphylaxis Health Care Action Plan
Asthma Care Plan
Medication Administration