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Create a written legacy for your family. You can fill them in on your background, and those that came before you. What a treasure that is, you will be happy your thought to create that for them. We can help you with this project, show you how to do it, or even do it with you. Create a book, with or without photos to compliment your story. Write your story in a very detailed manner, or make it brief , to the point. Whatever you might chose, we are here to help you. Please call, and we can determine what you would like to do. I so enjoy helping you to create. Also call for information on spefic nutrition program.


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Our Family Legacy

9249 S. Broadway 200-272
Highlands Ranch, Co. , CO 80129


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Call for information and/or appointment, 303-346-6350 or 1-928-254-0274 for additional information , go to https//gericaswell.weebly.com Special programs, reduced prices. Call now.