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  • Gretchen helped us plan the perfect family vacation - and got it for us at a great deal! We were so grateful for her help and advice and how she took care of every little detail, right down to recommending a specific room at our resort. Her passion for travel and helping her clients get the most from their vacations shows from the first moment you speak with her. We highly recommend her!
  • Gretchen is amazing!!! She's so helpful with suggestions for international travel, especially when you've never been to the country and you're a little apprehensive. She also assisted with our destination wedding. Sent us to a fabulous resort that we loved, helped us with the booking and all things travel. We didn't stress over making sure everyone had what they needed. I highly recommend her!!
  • Gretchen was instrumental to us when we decided to plan our family’s first trip to Disneyland. My husband and I were apprehensive about taking our young boys there, but there was not a single detail that Gretchen didn’t attend to, making the trip incredibly easy for us (and if you’ve looked at a single DL blog, you know how overwhelming planning a Disney trip can be!). She’s a tremendous resource!
  • Gretchen planned the perfect vacation for my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary in Hawaii! We had 3 families there to celebrate, with many different ages, ranging 1 year to 70 years. The place Gretchen booked for us was perfect for accommodating all of us. Gretchen was great about making sure all of our needs were addressed and was great about communicating with us. We had a truly wonderful trip!
  • Gretchen saved the day! We called her late at night when we found out our uncle was about to pass away. She found us direct flights the next morning for HALF of what we found online! Since then we have called Gretchen to book every vacation for us, and she has done so - free of charge - and saved us HOURS of trying to find deals online. She's got the insider scoop and is a sweetheart too!

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