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Vivax Pros - Painting

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Vivax Pro House Painters are committed to the best service, warranty and painting experience in Highlands Ranch. From color selection with our expert Project Planners to HRCA color submittal on your behalf and through the painting process, Vivax promises to exceed your expectations. Vivax started in Highlands Ranch and grew from referrals. Now we have over 3,000 happy customers located in the HR community. 

We've proudly serviced the HR community for over 12 years and know that it's important to offer the best service, warranties and workmanship in the industry. Through referrals, we've completed over 2,000 projects in Highlands Ranch for the last 3 years and have a close working relationship with the HRCA. Visit our website to see which of your neighbors we've worked for.


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Vivax Pros - Painting

1050 Yuma ST.
Denver, CO 80204


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