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The Right Price Group @ Keller Williams

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"For sellers it is imperative that your home is priced right in order to sell;in addition to the 25-Step Marketing Plan that we do for all of our sellers,we utilize appraisal techniques in order to ensure that your home is priced right. We analyze supply and demand in order to assess which way the market is headed so that we get your home sold quickly and for top dollar, we also prospect for buyers daily and watch the market for changes that affect your home's value.

For buyers we pride ourselves on ensuring that you are not overpaying for your home, once again relying on appraisal techniques, we assist you in making an offer that is supported by what has sold and also based on which way the market is headed.

In summary, for all of our clients we fight for the best price and terms for you every step of the way and of course our negotiation skills are second to none.


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The Right Price Group @ Keller Williams

2650 W. Belleview
Littleton, CO 80123


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