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  • Since ProDisposal has been bought out by another company, the service is terrible. Our garbage was not picked up last week Fri. Got an email saying that it would be picked up on Sat. (Other trash companies picked up on time). Sat. came and no trash was picked up. Got a phone message this week that they would not be picking up and just to put it out on the curb for the following week's pick up

    Official Response:
    Due to the excess trash from the delay last week we were unable to complete all the routes. Please leave your trash out as the truck should be there before today to recover.

  • I can understand weather causing a delay, but now this is 2 Mondays in a row with no pickup. That means we haven't had a pickup in 2 weeks. It seems like Pro Disposal is unable to meet their obligations that we've already paid for since the acquisition by Waste Connections. Will this company get itself back together, or should we look elsewhere for reliable trash pickup?

    Official Response:
    Due to the excess trash from the delay last week we were unable to complete all the routes. Please leave your trash out as the truck should be there before today to recover.

  • This company's customer service has literally turned to "GARBAGE". They used to be good, now they are awful. 30 minute or longer hold times when you call. This is not a good company anymore and I will be shopping elsewhere.

    Official Response:
    I’d like to apologize for your negative experience with our company. We are experiencing some growing pains... new employees, computer upgrades and new phone systems. If I can help in anyway, I’d like to make things right. If you wouldn’t mind contact me at 303-472-6997 or [email protected], at your earliest convenience, it would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to speaking with you and working towards earning your business back.

  • I was surprised to see all of the bad comments. I have been with Pro Disposal since the day they started with HRCA. My service has always been great and my driver is friendly. I was a die hard Waste Management customer for years. I gave them the opportunity to match, or at least come close to Pro Disposal prices. They wouldn't even try. If you don't like Pro Disposal, use them and pay....
  • We moved into a new house in December and we ordered the trash service from Pro Disposal.We have had nothing but problems since we moved to this new house with Pro Disposal. For the past four weeks we have had to call them or my wife had to tack them down to get our trash picked up.We have called customer service and they frankly do not care.I have asked for the District Manager.Very DISAPPOINTED!

    Official Response:
    Dear Gary, Please except my sincere apology on behalf of our company. I’m very sorry to learn that your experience with service and our customer service representative, was less than adequate. The miss pick up’s should have been handled correctly the first time. As I mentioned to you this morning I have highlighted (drive must call in when servicing your residents) and credited your account for the month of December. Going forward I will continue to follow up with your account and make sure that the service issue has been rectified. We appreciate your business -Thank you for your continued service. Cathlyn DePaiva Pro Disposal & Recycling 303-472-6997

  • I have had service with Pro Disposal since moving to Highlands Ranch in late September 16. The trash gets picked up every week but the majority of the time my recycling never gets picked up. I contact Pro Disposal after every service failure and they refuse to make things rite. I am really disappointed and am in the process of finding a new provider that will preform services that I pay for.

    Official Response:
    I appreciate you taking the time to call. As we discussed, you have spent more time on recycling pick up issues than you should in a lifetime. As confirmation of my commitment, I will be covering your invoice for the inconvenience and the opportunity to demonstrate our ability to deliver quality reliable service. If you have any further issues, please contact me directly. Rick DePaiva District Manager

  • They cannot decide what to do with the trash cans after they empty them. We are required to place them on the curb a certain way, yet when we come home the trash cans are in the street or the middle of the drive. Even after multiple requests, they cannot put it back from where they removed it. If trash has fallen out of the can and not into their truck, they won't pick it up.

    Official Response:
    Thank you for alerting us to the problem. I am sorry you have experienced such frustrating events. I have spoken with our operations team and will instruct the drivers to be more observant when returning your trash cans. I extend my own apologies for the inconvenience this problem has caused. Cathlyn DePaiva 303-472-6997 Management Team

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