Opportunities to conserve energy may include the use of an old fashioned clothes line or electronic shutters on your home, both are possible under the HRCA’s Residential Improvement Guidelines.

Energy Conservation with Clothes Lines or Shutters

Clothes Lines

Committee approval is not required for temporary clothes lines or clothes drying structures in the backyard that have adequate visual screening and which can be, and are in fact, taken down after each use. Note that, under many of the current existing Supplemental Declarations, clothing, fabrics and other articles may not be hung, dried or aired so as to be visible from other property except as provided in guidelines of the Committee.


All exterior operable or motorized rolling shutters require Architectural Committee approval based on the following criteria:

  • Shutters may only be placed on the rear or side elevation.
  • Each window must have its own shutter, meaning, one shutter may not be used to cover multiple windows.
  • Materials: Slats should be no larger the 40mm, 2” aluminum (no pvc).
  • Housing units should be no larger than 10” square and mounted in the soffit whenever possible.
  • Colors must match the existing house. Housing units on stucco or brick veneer must match exterior finish color. Samples of curtain color shall be submitted for Architectural Committee approval.
  • Housing, track (or cable) and mechanism must be concealed behind trim to blend with the home. Window, trim style and shape must be maintained. Details must be submitted with application
  • Shutters may not be installed on any primary or secondary egress window or door that is required for egress in accordance with all applicable building and fire codes.
  • Exterior operable or motorized solar shades are the preferred method of solar control.

More Energy Savings Information

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