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Volunteer committees are the backbone of HRCA. These committees lead and shape the future of Highlands Ranch. HRCA committees play an important role in administering the board policies of the HRCA. Standing committees include Architectural Control, Finance, and Development Review. These committees provide reports to Delegates and to Board members with staff input for the betterment of the HRCA systems, policies and procedures, and overall management objectives. Residents are invited to serve on various committees; so join us and make a difference in your community.

Key HRCA Committee Information

Join a Committee

Are you interested in volunteering to serve on an HRCA committee? Check for openings under the title of each committee listed below. Openings may also be noted in the HRCA News

Interested candidates are asked to email the following to the Administration Office: email. Questions call 303-471-8958.

HRCA Committees

Development Review Committee (DRC)

  • What: The Highlands Ranch Community Association must review all commercial projects and improvements in Highlands Ranch. The HRCA makes project decisions based on the best interest of the Highlands Ranch community considering appearance, traffic impact, and the impact on neighboring properties. There are two commercial committees for this purpose:
    HRCA Development Review Committee (DRC) is the review authority for commercial construction projects (i.e., those requiring a Site Improvement Plan through Douglas County). Generally, commercial projects will need HRCA DRC review before Douglas County will issue permits. Project applicants are required to present their project to the committee.
    HRCA Commercial Review Committee (CRC) is the approval authority for smaller commercial projects (i.e., revisions or modifications to SIPs, all commercial signage, improvements to the exterior of commercial property, including paint, awnings, etc.). The CRC meets electronically, reviewing projects as they are submitted.
    Note: Have questions or need assistance determining to which committee to submit your project? Contact the HRCA Commercial Coordinator at 303-471-8821.
  • Meeting Time: Second Wednesday of each month, 6:30 p.m.
  • Meeting Location: Recreation Center at Eastridge, Administrative Office
  • Questions: Contact: Community Improvement Services Department at [email protected] or 303-471-8821.

Charter  |  Development Review Committee Bylaws  |  Meeting Documents

More Committee Information

Questions? Contact the Administration Office: email or 303-471-8958.