The Highlands Ranch Community Association is considered a forerunner in the industry not only because of its size, but also because of the member involvement and innovation of its leaders. 

Board of Directors

The HRCA is a proactive organization governed by a five-member volunteer Board of Directors, all residents of Highlands Ranch. The Board of Directors, serving two-year staggered terms, sets policy for the community in order to manage the duties of the association. Each year the board identifies strategic objectives to help ensure we achieve our HRCA mission of "Enhancing property values and creating quality of life through recreation, community events, and leadership.”

Board & Delegate Duties & Responsibilities

District Delegates

Highlands Ranch is divided into 93 Delegate Districts. Delegates are elected to represent their neighborhoods by the district residents. Delegates also serve as members of the Delegate Committee and in this capacity propose amendments to the HRCA Bylaws, authorize the Board of Directors to borrow funds on behalf of the HRCA, and make recommendations to the Board of Directors on various matters outlined in the Community Declaration. Delegates elect the Board of Directors every March.

Who is your District Delegate?
Click here to Find Your Delegate.  Click the search tool  , then type in your property address. You'll see 'From your map' and below that, click on "District _ _" to find out what district you live in and who is your Delegate.  If you need any additional assistance, please contact the HRCA Administration Office at (303) 791-8958.

Board & Delegate Duties & Responsibilities


Both standing and ad hoc committees play an important role in administering the board policies of the HRCA. Standing committees include Architectural Control, Finance, and Development Review. These committees provide reports to Delegates and to Board members with staff input for the betterment of the HRCA systems, policies and procedures, and overall management objectives. 

HRCA Staff

HRCA staff implements policies and manages the day-to-day operations as directed by the Board of Directors.

HRCA Annual Report

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