Future Conservationists Initiative

The Future Conservationists Initiative (FCI) brings high-quality environmental education to local second grade classrooms at no cost to the schools. All programs through the Future Conservationists Initiative are funded by donations to the Backcountry Conservation & Education Fund 501c3 nonprofit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are FCI programs available to other grade levels?

Not at this time. We are focused on providing a specific program for second grade classrooms that meets our goals as a conservation organization, the goals of teachers, and the standards set by the state. We are more than happy to create an in-class field trip or destination field trip to Backcountry Base Camp for any grade level. For more information on our field trip offerings, click here.

Future Conservationists Initiative Program Request

Questions? Contact Becca Venable at [email protected] or 303-471-7054 or Lindsey Mckissick at [email protected].