Corporate Sponsorship

When a company’s business missions align with wildlife conservation, environmental educations, getting kids out in nature, and acting as steward to this unique piece of wild in the metro area, a corporate sponsorship with the Backcountry Conservation & Education Fund is the perfect philanthropic partnership. Our business sponsorships allow for the community to find out which companies champion conservation and igniting a lifelong love of the outdoors for our community.

Backcountry Backers: Year-long business sponsorship
Our Backcountry Backers are named supporters on ALL six of our main annual events (Gear Swap, the Big Help, Backcountry Shindig, Elk Banquet, Backcountry BBQ, and the Haunted Forest.

Presenting & Supporting Event Sponsors
Support the Backcountry by helping us host our events throughout the year. You can back our conservation and education efforts all while reaching your target audience of new and old customers. Adopt-a-Shot Adopt-a-Shot at the Backcountry Outdoor Center's 28-target 3D Archery Range. Your businesses' name and the creative shot name will greet sportsmen and sportswomen at your chosen target as they traverse the one-mile trail linking the range together. One- and two-year sponsorships available with individual 3D archery membership included throughout the duration of the adoption. 

Contact Lindsey McKissick for more information.

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