20/20 Campaign

20% of Highlands Ranch households participating in a program at the Backcountry Outdoor Center

20% of Highlands Ranch households become a Friend of the Backcountry

Less than a half century ago, our entire community was a sprawling wildlife habitat. As we all moved in, we are grateful that individuals had the forethought to set aside one-third of Highlands Ranch (8,200 acres) to remain a protected wildlife habitat conservation property. In 2019, we want our community to take an active role in enjoying, protecting, and improving the Backcountry Wilderness Area with the 20/20 Campaign.

This is a year-long project to get 20% of households out to the Backcountry Wilderness Area and 20% of households to join the Friends of the Backcountry nonprofit membership program for the Backcountry Conservation & Education Fund. Currently, residents contribute $12 per year to the conservation of the Backcountry through HOA dues. If just 20% of households donated $20 in 2019, we would more than triple our conservation and wildlife habitat efforts including fire mitigation and providing water resources to wildlife as well as fund new environmental education initiatives for our local youth, our future conservationists! 

Can we count you in? 

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