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Pipeline Inspections & Gas Flaring

Xcel Energy is performing pipeline inspections in your area as routine maintenance work on the natural gas system. As part of this work, natural gas flaring will occur. Flaring removes gas from a pipeline and prevents the release of gas into the atmosphere. The flaring-specific part of the work happening in your area is scheduled to begin March 12 and be completed by March 20. (The inspection schedule is subject to change based on inclement weather or other circumstances.)

If you are outside when the flaring occurs, you might see a tall flame at the work site. In addition, you may hear the sound of natural gas venting from the pipe, and/or smell the mercaptan odorant (which produces a sulfur or “rotten egg” odor). To ensure your safety and that of our employees, the local fire department will be notified in advance of this work and directly before the flaring begins.

Flares will occur periodically within the date range indicated above. Each flare will last approximately two to three minutes.

You may smell the natural gas odor outside your home or business due to this work. However, if you smell it inside your home or business, please leave your house immediately and avoid using electric switches such as lights, garage door openers and phones. Once you are safely away, call 911 or call Xcel Energy’s gas emergency line at 1-800-895-2999 from outside your home so we can investigate.

We do not expect that this work will impact traffic in the area, nor will it affect your gas service.

Here is a look at where the flaring will take place:


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