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Gold Star Aquatics Gallery


Gold Star Gallery
Congratulations to all of our Aquatic Program Participants for the month, that due to their hard work, have graduated to the next level of our programs.

Group Swim Lessons

Congratulations to all participants (333) for their hard work during the session. Listed below are the Gold Star Gallery Participants who are graduating to the next level for the next session:

Journey One Graduated to Journey Two: 

  • Kenny B.
  • Corinne N.
  • Tobin A.
  • Haydyn M.
  • Alexa S.
  • Jaxson C.
  • Bannon W.
  • Andrew J.
  • James N.
  • Michael N.
  • Ryan N.
  • Catherine T.
  • Morgan H.
  • Manal B.
  • Claire P.
  • Qhawe M.
  • Nathan H.
  • Chyler J.

Journey Two Graduated to Journey Three:

  • Sarah T.
  • Brody I.
  • Benjamin A.
  • Hans W.

Journey Three Graduated to Journey Four:

  • Sahaj T.
  • Lilia G.

Journey Four Graduated Journey Series:

Odyssey One Graduated to Odyssey Two:

  • Sydney A.
  • Kendall K.
  • Christian K.
  • Lola O.
  • Tobi O.

Odyssey Two Graduated to Odyssey Three:

Odyssey Three Graduated to Adventure Three:

Adventure One Graduated to Adventure Two:
  • Sarah G.
  • Vincent V.
  • Rocco V.
  • Luke S.
  • Zoe H.

Adventure Two Graduated to Adventure Three:

  • Srishti S.
  • Sandia B.
  • Abby
  • Ella
  • Alex H.
  • Melody R.

Adventure Three Graduated to Adventure Four:

  • Gabriella L.
  • Esvaran
  • Nyssa
  • Elise
  • Emily O.
  • Dru T.

Adventure Four Graduated HRCA Swim Lessons – Congratulations!