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September-December Aquatic Program Schedules


HRCA Hosts High School Swim Teams

HRCA is excited to once again welcome the Valor, Rock Canyon, Thunder Ridge, Mountain Vista and Highlands Ranch High School Girls Swim Teams.  

Westridge, Eastridge and Northridge Rec Centers are the hosts for the schools for their training during November, December, January and February.  All home meets are hosted on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at the Northridge Rec Center

During February, March, April and May, the Boys Swim Team practices and holds their meets at the Northridge Rec Center.  

Please check the pool schedules monthly for a detailed schedule of practice and meet times. 


HRCA Pool Parties

Eastridge or Southridge Indoor Pools - Ages (4-13)Pool Parties
Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays
$190/$219 (15 Participants)
$119/$137   (9 Participants-Eastridge Only)

Party Includes:
     Party Host(s)
     Capri Sun Drinks
     Forks, Napkins, Plates
     Room Set-Up & Clean-Up
     Two Hour Reservation

Contact or 303-471-8935

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