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Glue Sticks! (Ages 3-7) 
This class is all about the creative process and the amazing things you can create.

Watercolor Painting! (Adult)
Level 1 “Getting Started with Watercolor”
Have fun learning 15 basic techniques, using 3 brushes that will enable you to paint almost anything. 
Instructor demonstrations will show how to achieve exciting results with your own brushes. Supply list will be given in class. 


Teen Cuisine (Ages 12-18)
This class will expose kids to new ingredients while they learn to create appetizers, main courses and desserts based on the theme of the month.

Creative Kids

Baby Toddler Playtime (Ages 1-2)  
Come meet other babies/toddlers and their moms.  Have some playtime, light craft, sign songs, and have a snack.


Ballet (Ages 4-6 )
Barre and center exercises are used to teach steps and positions of ballet. Classes are designed to aid in the development of flexibility, coordination, balance, body awareness, listening, discipline, and self-esteem. All Ballet students are encouraged to participate in the dance recital.


Harriet Patter and the Sorcerer’s Soda (Ages 5-12)
KidStage Stars Program
Harriet Patter is an 11 year old girl who finds out she is a Wizard! With best friends, Don and Harmonica, they save the day under the guidance of Professor Dimbledoor. 



ACT® Test-Prep Class
Preparation for the December 13 2014, National ACT®
Learn test-preparation strategies for one-third the cost of commercial programs! Students raise their composite ACT score an average of two to three points with a National Board Certified Teacher who has 20 years of experience in test preparation. Students receive the official ACT preparation guide and an additional strategies manual.

Zany Zoology (Ages 3-5) 
If your interests are on the WILD side, then this is the club for you! Explore the world of animals, from A to Z.  Examine an owl pellet, get up close and personal with insects, make art from a fish, build a home for a toad, and much more.  Classify creatures that slither, swim, crawl, and fly. Unleash your curiosity as we journey through the animal kingdom!

Mini Horsemanship (Ages 3-4)  

A class for the young cowboy and cowgirl to get their boots around horses. Two one half hour class designed for safety with horses, while grooming and riding. 


Crocodile Rock

Have fun with your child singing, dancing, and playing music with a folk guitarist. Songs have age-appropriate visuals and props to stimulate learning. Each month new songs and activities are introduced, along with familiar favorites requested by the children.


Play with Clay - A Mom & Me Class (Ages 2½-4)

Have a great time creating original clay pieces with your child in this interactive class incorporating story time with basic shapes, hand-eye coordination and pre-writing skills.  Clay and tools included.


Pom (Ages 6-8)

Learn the basic fundamentals of jumps, kick-lines, formations, and arm motions to a jazz inspired routine.

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