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KidzArt: "Sparkly Stuff 2"
Boys and girls alike will enjoy creating dazzling artwork with glitter, gemstones, foil, metallic markers and more. Students will transform a mundane object into a brilliant, yet functional, work of art. KidzArt drawings will be created in a way students may never have considered. All new projects!


Teen Cuisine
Teens will explore the delicious world of cooking. Come learn the basics of cooking and grow your skills in the kitchen. This class is designed for teens who love to cook! Learn about different foods and how to prepare them to make scrumptious recipes for home.

Creative Kids

Travel Games to Go
Parents and kids come and join in the fun of making travel games. Enhance your child’s traveling experience by creating fun family games! The games will be stimulating as well as educational.


Hula Hoop Dance
Relieve stress, laugh, and have fun in hula hoop dance class. Large hula hoops that are made for adults will be used. Students will learn to move in all directions while hooping on the waist, chest, shoulders and legs. Hula hoop dance will increase your body awareness and coordination through techniques that build cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. 


Cinderella’s Glass Slipper
KidStage Shining Stars Program
Cinderella works hard in the home of her cruel stepmother. The story is ages old, but you’ll meet playful new characters in this fresh adaptation: a brave mouse, a hesitant cat and the amazing Pumpkinhead, who changes into a coach!


LEGO® Robotics
Learn about building and programming robots using the LEGO Mindstorms NXT system. In addition to having fun, participants learn about mechanical and software design, problem solving, and teamwork skills. Working in small groups, students will complete several projects and mini challenges through which they will learn how to control the robot to avoid obstacles, pick up and carry objects. Projects are structured to allow students to work in an open-ended, investigative environment while having fun.

Catapults and Backyard Ballista
Throw things...really, really, really far with catapults, trebuchets, and cannons. In the morning, you’ll build a tabletop wooden trebuchet to start an exploration of Newton’s Laws of Motion. In the afternoon, we'll continue our exploration of inertia of a different sort. Float Flying Frisbees through the firmament on our Science Matters golf course. Catapults and Backyard Ballista throws things over the top...literally.

Introduction to Robotics
Was the LEGO ® movie a hit in your household? Does your 10-15 year old enjoy the movie RoboCop? Then this is the camp for them. Begin their robotics skills development with Ameribotics. Student placement in groups based on skill and ability level. Individual and team collaboration fun will be a key part of the camp. Students will learn and utilize open platforms such as Arduino or other, similar robot controllers. Hands-on sessions will include prototyping and building robots as well as programming autonomous systems. 

Horseback Riding

Horse Barn Camp
Come to the horse ranch and be a cowboy/girl. Each day will consist of any combination of activities: stable chores such as cleaning up after the horses, watering the horses, grooming, tack cleaning. Learn to rope, archery, horse shoes, games, and go on hikes. Each day Campers will be around horses and learn horse behavior and being safe. The last day of camp, the campers will be in the saddle and put what they have learned to work. 


Guitar Camps
Bring your guitar and get ready for some fun as you learn the basics of guitar playing.


Sibling Tumblers
Get active and have fun hanging out with your brother or sister. Parents do not attend this class.

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