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HRCA Preschool and Enrichment
The HRCA’s preschool program is based on a play environment with developmentally appropriate activities which give children the foundation for future academic learning. The children will participate in art, music, finger plays, dramatic play, block building, sand play, puzzles, and beginning hand writing skills. Through these activities children develop physical, emotional, social, creative, and cognitive skills. For more information about our Preschool and Enrichment programs please call 303-471-8814 or email Jamie Bouchard at

Come expand your knowledge with the variety of HRCA’s Youth and Adult education classes. We offer everything from handwriting to Babysitting classes and LEGO ® camps to Science camps for children. Adults can take advantage of ACT preparatory classes to Sports Medic programs and everything in between. For more information about HRCA’s Education program please call 303-471-8818 or email

Creative Kids
“Creative activity is also a source of joy and wonder, while it bids its students to touch, taste, hear, and see the world". Children are powerfully affected by storytelling, music, dance, and the visual arts. They often construct their understanding of the world around musical games, imaginative dramas and drawing.” For more information about HRCA’s Creative Kids program please call 303-471-8818 or email

Fine Arts

Art stimulates and develops the imagination. HRCA offers a wide variety of art classes from drawing to film making for children and adults. All classes are hands on, educational and fun with children learning fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and brain development.  

HRCA offers several different classes and workshops for all skill levels of wheel throwing and hand building. Our creative instructors are advanced potters with many years of experience. Learn design, aesthetics and creative development in classes for adults. Children’s classes help develop fine motor, listening and creative skills. For more information about HRCA’s Pottery program please call 303-471-8853 or email

HRCA’s Drama program builds confidence and memorization skills by mastering a production and performing in front of an audience. Young actors will explore the craft of acting that involves exercises, scene work and theatre games designed to develop performance skills and technique.

HRCA’s cooking classes teach hands on cooking techniques that will help you be more productive and comfortable in the kitchen. Learn how to make various new recipes from our culinary chefs that you can recreate for your family. Children will learn pre-reading skills and math skills while reading recipes and measuring ingredients in our children’s classes as well.

Early musical training helps develop brain areas involved in language and reasoning. HRCA offers music classes for early learners that will stimulate their sense of movement through song, dance, and music.

For more information about HRCA’s Fine Arts program please call 303-471-8853 or

Creative Movement

Dance is a wonderful activity that will help build coordination, balance, gross motor skills, strength, endurance, confidence and team work. HRCA offers a wide range of dance classes for children and adults at any skill level. Ballet, tap, jazz, hip hop and Irish step dancing is offered for children and belly and ballroom dance for adults. For more information about HRCA’s Dance program please call 303-471-8853 or 

Ready…Set…Go… Let’s get ACTIVE. Learn how to cheer on your favorite sports team. Have fun learning jumps, motions, and stunts in a structured and fun program. For more information about HRCA’s Cheerleading, Pom and Baton program please call 303-471-8818 or

Tumbling and Gymnastics
Children develop their large motor skills, coordination, balance, and flexibility, as well as learn to take instructions, move with music, play in groups, and more. For more information about HRCA’s Tumbling and Gymnastics programs please call 303-471-8818 or