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Highlands Ranch, the Pride of Colorado!

The Highlands Ranch Community Association (HRCA) is a nationally award-winning nonprofit organization and the largest homeowners association in the United States.  The HRCA's goal is to create a lifestyle that you want to live and to ensure we achieve our mission of "Enhancing property values and creating quality of life through recreation, community events, and leadership."

Each owner of a privately owned property within the Community Association is a member of the HRCA. When purchasing property in Highlands Ranch, every homeowner agrees to comply with covenant controls that are designed to enhance the quality, value, desirability, and attractiveness of all property.

Homeowners in Highlands Ranch are members of HRCA's four state-of-the-art recreation centers. Each is equipped with the latest equipment and first-class programs offering healthier lifestyle choices. Each facility has it own character and offers different amenities.

The HRCA offers a diverse array of cultural, community, and special events that are free or minimal cost. These top-notch events are not funded by assessments, but provide our community with over one hundred events a year that appeal to children, families, and adults.

We are "Building a lifestyle you want to live!" So join us, get involved and make a difference in the community by volunteering, and experience all that Highlands Ranch and the HRCA has to offer.

HRCA Governance Structure

Highlands Ranch Community Members

  • 30,506 homes divided into 93 delegate districts
  • Elect their District Delegates at the annual meeting of members

District Delegates

  • 93 elected volunteers that represent the Highlands Ranch Community Delegate Districts
  • Provide recommendations to the Board, elect Directors, amend Bylaws and other matters as authorized.
    See District Delegates

 Board of Directors

  • The five member Board of Directors develop policies for the community that govern the activities of the HRCA.
    See Board of Directors.

HRCA Staff

  • Implements policies and manages the day to day operations as directed by the Board of Directors