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We are trying to make it easy for you to fill out and submit forms. The HRCA uses many different forms to gather information from members. To make it easier to find the form you're looking for we created this directory. Also, if you scroll down the page there is an alphabetic listing of the forms.

Home Improvement Submittal Forms
There is a fee schedule associated for most home improvement submissions. The fee is $10, $35, or $100 depending on the type of submittal. There is no fee for a paint submittal. Please contact Community Improvement Services if you have questions at 303-471-8821.

Making changes or updates to your property or home and need approval from the Architectural Committee? Choose a form which you fill out and submit online or a paper copy form which you print, complete, and mail or bring to the Community Improvement Services office with your submittal fee.

Online Home Improvement Submittal Forms

Print Paper Copy Home Improvement Submittal Form - mailing or submitting in person
Member/Recreation Forms:

You may want to bring your completed New Resident Information Form into the membership office. Also, you may need the Consent to Tenant Form if you wish to give your recreation center privileges to your renters.
Sports, Fitness, Recreation Forms:

There are many sport waivers, league rosters, and horseback riding forms available here: Waivers & Rosters

Backcountry Program Waivers:

Title Company Status Statement Form:
Status Statements are completed by Title Companies only; prior to the closing of a sale on a property.

Title Companies, please fill out the first three lines of the form and fax to Highlands Ranch Community Association's Assessment Department at 303-791-6705.
Title Company Status Statement Form

Volunteer & Committee Forms:

Bulletin Board Classified Ad Form:

Have something to sell? Use this Free Ad Form to post an item on the recreation centers' bulletin boards. Bring the completed form into the HRCA registration desk at the facility where you'd like your ad posted. (You can post at all four facilities). You can advertise garage sale type items. No commercial or for profit business ads. (No Realtors, no home sales, no business services, no animal sales). The boards are cleared the 1st and 15th of every month.

Free Ad Form
Advertise with HRCA:

Vendor Applications:

Interested in participating in one of the many community events or trade shows? Go to the Vendor Information and Forms page to fill out an application:

Vendor Information and Forms

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