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Second Quarter Mailing 2015

HRCA has switched printing vendors beginning with the 2nd Quarter 2015 invoices. All homeowners (including EBill customers) received a hard copy invoice this quarter. With this new vendor the Ebill program, which should be available shortly, will be more user friendly. Homeowners will also have the capability to login to the website and view current/previous invoices. Online payments via PayLease are still available during this transition.

Please note that this printing change has nothing to do with how a homeowner pays their assessment. If a homeowner was previously on direct debit they still are unless they have made a change.

Should you have any questions regarding your account or need to make an address change, please call 303-471-8958.

Assessment Frequently Asked Questions


I received a hard copy invoice and I signed up for e statements?


 HRCA is implementing a new paperless E-Statement Program. A separate mailing will be sent regarding the details. Homeowners who wish to continue on the E-Statement Program will have to sign up again to get on with the new system.

Question: Can you check if I am still on direct debit because the invoice does not indicate I am?
Answer: HRCA has not made any change to your direct debit payments. The only change made was to stop providing direct debit invoices. Link your email address to your direct debit account at the website below or call 866-729-5327.

Question: Am I going to be charged a late fee since the invoices were sent out late?

HRCA will be allowing a 30 day grace period to send in your 1st quarter assessment payment due to the error our printer vendor made. Payments must reach the assessment office by noon on the 30th of the month the assessment is due.

Question: Will my direct debit be updated with the new assessment amount?
Answer: PayLease will be updating only a portion of the direct debits with the new amount. Please log into and select the “pay assessments online” option to create a login for your account so you may verify your account information.

Question: I logged in online and it shows I have a zero balance, is that correct?
Answer: No that is not correct. You must refer to your invoice to verify what you need to pay.


HRCA provides administrative and recreational services to the Highlands Ranch community.

2015 assessment:

Assessments for 2015 are $139 per quarter; broken down as follows:

  • $12.25 allocated for administrative functions - architectural control and covenant enforcement, billing and collection, accounting and finance, and community events.
  • $126.75 allocated for operating and maintaining HRCA recreation facilities and related debt service.

Homeowner Assessments are due first month of each quarter - in January, April, July, and October. For more information call 303-791-8958.

Note: Assessments can be paid online using a computer, but this option is not available using a mobile device.