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Art Encounters

New selections for 2015-2016 Art Encounters will be installed in Highlands Ranch mid-May!

Spikey Shovelus

By Michael Mladjan



By Gary Monaco

Molly, Dieter, and Susie

By Felix Velez

A Diminished Presence

By Bob Heintzelman


By Robert Porreca

King Crow

By Jeffie Brewer

Bugle III/Overlook
By Sandy Graves

2014-2015 Art Encounters featured in Highlands Ranch

Close Finish
By Bob Heintzelman
Recreation Center at Eastridge
Retail:  $600

Puppy Love
By Janene DiRico-Cable
Civic Green Park
Retail:  $9,000

Baby Bear
By Ryszard Wagoner
Douglas County Library
Highlands Ranch Branch
Retail:  $3,500

By Kristen Kainz
Recreation Center at Southridge
Retail:  $5,800

WWII Flyers Memorial
By Robert Henderson
Town Center North
Retail:  $65,000

By Ivan Kosta
Civic Green Park
Retail:  $7,450

Removed due to vandalism.

La Bamba "una Poca d Gracia"
By Pokey Park
Town Center South
Retail:  $4,700

Public art has the potential to transform our lives and our community for generations to come.  Public art in Highlands Ranch ignites conversation, sparks new ideas, enhances our public places, enriches our quality of life, and shapes our community into a great place in which to live, work, and play.

The Highlands Ranch Cultural Affairs Association is proud to be a part of Art Encounters, a year-long outdoor sculpture exhibit that showcases a number of sculptures in various media and styles and is displayed in highly visible areas in Highlands Ranch, Lone Tree, Parker, Castle Rock, and Roxborough. This Douglas County project is designed to promote public interests in art, develop community pride, and draw visitors to the retail or civic areas where they are displayed.

The sculptures will be on display from June 2014 through May 2015.  All sculptures are available for purchase.  Residents and visitors are encouraged to visit each area and then vote on their favorite piece.  Voting can be done on the Douglas County web site.  

Permanent Exhibits Purchased through Art Encounters


Enchantment by Donna Romberger
The Highlands Ranch Cultural Affairs Association (CAA) purchased the 2008 Art Encounters piece titled "Enchantment."  The sculpture is located at the Recreation Center at Northridge. Be sure to notice her next time you visit Northridge!




Tigris by Michael Mladjan
In 2013 the CAA purchased "Tigris" which was displayed during the 2013-2014 Art Encounters program.  The rusted and painted steel sculpture is located at the Recreation Center at Eastridge.  It can easily been seen as you drive into the entrance to Eastridge.


Douglas County Art Encounters