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Community Pride

Show your community pride and support culture and student scholarships in the Ranch!

Purchase a Highlands Ranch sports clothing, mugs, postcard, Highlands Ranch sticker, or a 2014 Highlands Ranch calendar. The postcard is a great way to show what a great place Highlands Ranch is to work, live, and play. The sticker is terrific as a bumper sticker for your car to show your Highlands Ranch pride. 

You can purchase online and pick up any or all of these at any of the four recreation facilities.


The calendar features beautiful photos all taken in Highlands Ranch and contains information about community and cultural events, facility closures, holidays, and more! This year's calendar is available in two sizes. The wall calendar is 8.5 x 11 inches folded and the smaller calendar is 4.25 x 8 .5 inches folded. Both size calendars are $5.00 plus shipping & handling of $2.00 for the large calendar and $1.00 for the small if mailed.  All proceeds from the sale of the calendars benefit the Highlands Ranch Cultural Affairs Association. Calendars are available for purchase at any HRCA recreation center, or Order and Mail.

Note Cards

Highlands Ranch Cultural Affairs Association Limited Edition Note Cards

These unique note cards send a distinctive message about Highlands Ranch and its history.  The note cards may be purchased at any HRCA facility for $10 per pack of six while supplies.  See note cards.

farm painting



The Ranch postcard is now available at all Recreation Center Registration Desks! $1.00 each. The proceeds benefit the Highlands Ranch Cultural Affairs Association.

greatings from beautiful highlands ranch the pride of colorado

HR Sticker

HR Bumper Sticker
The HR Sticker is also available for purchase at all four Recreation Centers. The cost is $1.00 and proceeds go to the Highlands Ranch Scholarship Fund.

Arts Festival Print

Highlands Ranch Cultural Affairs Limited Edition Arts Festival Prints
Each year the HRCA commissions a unique art piece for the Arts Festival. You can still collect past year's prints while supplies last. The cost is $25.00 for a print signed by the artist, Dan Grothe or $20.00 for an unsigned print. See Prints.

art festival

HRCA No Soliciting Clings

HRCA No Soliciting Clings
Purchase a No Soliciting Cling and keep salespeople from ringing your doorbell. The cost is $1.00 each.

no soliciting clings