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Trail InformationHistory
The Backcountry Wilderness Area is 8,200 acres of conserved open space. In January of 2006, Shea Homes graciously completed early conveyance of 874 acres to the HRCA to build the Wildcat Mountain Trail System. In May 2009 the rest of the Backcountry was conveyed to the HRCA. In August of 2009 the HRCA opened The Highlands Point Trail System.

Trails Today
The Backcountry has over 20 miles of natural surface trails perfect for mountain biking, hiking, trail running, and exploring nature. The HRCA now has a total of 11.2 miles of natural surface, private trails open for residents and accompanied guests. The Douglas County East/West Regional Trail also goes through the Backcountry, adding 12 more miles of natural surface trails. The Douglas County Trail is open to the general public. The 11 miles of private HRCA Trails are within two separate trail systems, the Wildcat Mountain Trail System and the Highlands Point Trail System.
All HRCA Trails are open to pedestrians and bikes. Dogs are not allowed; except on the Rocky Gulch Trail. Horses are permitted; except for on the Rocky Gulch Trail.

The Newest Trails Map, posted December 2014

Trail Hours are sunrise to sunset. Trail Maps

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The Wildcat Mountain Trail System -  located east of Monarch Blvd and opened in 2006. Map

  • Approximately 5.5 miles long and consists of two loops and one out and back trail. (Trail names: Wildcat Mountain Trail, Ponderosa Loop, Waterin’ Hole Loop)

  • Access to the trails is from the parking lot on Monarch; approximately 2 miles south of McArthur Ranch Road and Monarch Blvd. 

  • Parking is also available at Rocky Heights Middle School (McArthur Ranch Rd. and Monarch/Quebec). The Douglas County East/West Trail begins at Rocky Heights Middle School and goes south to connect to the Wildcat Mountain Trails.

The Highlands Point Trail System - located west of Grigs Road and southeast of Mountain Vista High School. Most of these trails opened in August 2009 with the exception of the Rocky Gulch Trail which opened in 2006. Map

  • Approximately 6.7 miles long and consists of a loop system in conjunction with the Douglas County East/West Trail. (Trail Names: Cowboy Up, Longhorn Ledge, Tenderfoot, Brandin’ Iron Cutoff, Outlaw, Bucksnort, and Rocky Gulch)

  • Access to the trails is from Mountain Vista High School or the Douglas County Trailhead Parking on Grigs Road. The Metro Districts West Fork of the Big Dry Trail also connects.

  • Access is also through the Douglas County East/West Trail which connects from the Bluffs Regional Park (Lincoln and Yosemite) to Wildcat Mountain Trail System to the Grigs Road Parking/Trail head to Mountain Vista to the Metro Districts trails just south of Wildcat Reserve Parkway between Broadway and HR Parkway.

The trails meander through grasslands, scrub oak and mountain mahogany shrubs, and ponderosa pines.  Beautiful rock outcroppings are visible in several areas of the trails.  Native plants and wildlife are both plentiful and diverse.